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Shipyard has the “Integrated Management System” based on international ISO standards – “Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008” and “Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001:2004”. Environmental Management system has certified in recognition of the high level of environmental management.

Integrated Management System is certified by Loyd's Register Quality Assurance and Polish Register of Shipping.
The Integrated Management System is documented and applied in order to effectively support the achievement of the Shipyard’s environmental objectives.
The aim of system implementation is also ensure to keep the environmental protection on high level through continuous improvement, rising the awareness of workers and subcontractors, finding environmentally friendly ways of processes realization connected with Shipyard activities.

Production processes carried out in the “Remontowa” have an affect environment. Minimizing the impact of these processes on the environment is the main objectives set out in the "Environment Protection Policy". It’s the fundamental document agreed by the Board of Shipyard declares action to protect the environment in Shipyard and to ensure compliance with the law and the requirements of standard.

Environmental Protection Group of J. Piłsudski Gdańsk Shipyard „REMONTOWA” S.A.

1 Na Ostrowiu Street, 80-958 Gdańsk
tel. (0-58) 307 24 46, (0-58) 307 11 72
fax (0-58) 307 24 73

Environmental Protection Group of Gdańsk Shipyard „Remontowa” S.A. offers a wide range of laboratory services in scope of technical tests and work environment tests. From many years, the laboratory carries out physicochemical tests of fuels, oils, steels and steel alloys on the needs of Gdansk Shipyard “REMONTOWA’, companies of the Remontowa Groups and external companies.

In the laboratory operates management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005, which provides accuracy and reliability of test results, as well as cooperation based on the standard specified in the standard. The laboratory has certificate of Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA) No AB 1285 in the work environment (scope of accreditation).

The laboratory has the recognition of the Polish Register of Shipping (PRS) No TT/676/710405/11 as a second degree in laboratory research of chemical composition of steels and alloys, and illumination, noise measurements on ships, research, fuels and oils, and vapors and gases by gas chromatography.

The laboratory regularly participates in inter-laboratory comparisons since 1998 affirming their high level of competence to carry out tests. We take part in proficiency testing the tests of the work environment organized by Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo (INSHT) in Viscaya and Institute of Work Medicine in Łodz.

Environmental Protection Group is the co organizer of proficiency tests for the analysis of weighing dust, determination the content of metals and free crystalline silica in welding dust and measurements of electric illumination and noise in the work environment. Proficiency tests are organized jointly with the consulting firm ISOTOP sc, which has implemented a management system in accordance with PN EN ISO / IEC 17043:2011.

The scope of activities includes tests of: - physical and chemical properties of oils and marine fuels,
 -  determination of cleanliness class of hydraulic oils,
 -  noise and illumination measurements on ships and others objects,
 -  steel, alloy of colour steel,
 -  tests of abrasives quality,
 -  harmful factors in the work environment.

The laboratory recently has purchased a new Automatic Particle Counter Model PAMAS-S 40, to determine the cleanliness class of liquid. The device is calibrated by NIST and ACFTD dust, so that it has the ability to determine the cleanliness class according to ISO 4406:1987 (Double numerical code: number of particles> 5 microns (c) / number of particles> 15 microns (c)), ISO 4406:1999 (Double numerical code: number of particles> 4 microns (c) / number of particles> 6 microns (c) / number of particles> 14 microns (c). Device also determines the quality class NAS 1638, GOST 17216 and GJB 420A.

The meter has a current calibration certificate according to ISO 11171 (NIST dust) and ISO 4402 (dust ACFTD).

The laboratory performs tests of lubricating oils, hydraulic and fuel for customers throughout the country. Test samples can be delivered in person or by courier. The results are transmitted by e-mail and by registered mail by the Polish Post.  

The laboratory offers a wide range of research at attractive prices !

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